October 20, 2015 – As you can see, I’ve taken a long break from my obsession, but a recent move has brought it back. Now that I’ve seen the interest it’s generated, I’m committed even more.  So thank you for that.  My goal is to create a centralized location of all published information pertaining to the case for my own edification , and that of others too.  Occasionally I will comment on information I’ve gathered, but this is pure conjecture.  Only a handful of people know exactly what happened that night, and I find their words lacking truth.  Perhaps it is the cynic in me.  My posts will be chaotic and seem immaterial, but it will all come together eventually.  I look forward to any comments and suggestions, and am so grateful to have a connection to those fascinated with true crime.

In Memoriam

Martha Lou Anderson (DOB: 2/27/59; DOD 7/3/11)

Martha Anderson MURRAY — Martha Lou “Marty” Anderson, 52, of Murray died Sunday at Murray-Calloway County Hospital. Mrs. Anderson was a housewife. She was of the Methodist faith. She is survived by her sons, Nick Anderson of Murray, Samuel Roy Anderson of Owensboro, Woodrow Robert Anderson of Illinois, and Howard Scott Anderson of Florida; three brothers, Gerald Collins of Minnesota, Charles Collins of Mayfield and Wilson Collins of Fairdealing; three sisters; LaVanda Sue Raso of Waco, Texas, Phyllis Perkins of Dexter and Esther McMahon of Murray; and two grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her parents, Woodrow Wilson and Vera LaVanda Collins; and two brothers. A memorial service will be from 1-4 p.m. Sunday at Central Park in Murray. Imes-Miller Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Otha Daniel Cooper (DOB: 3/10/34; DOD 7/31/11)

MURRAY – Otha “Dan” Cooper, 77, of Murray died Sunday at Green Acres Nursing Home in Mayfield.  He was of the Baptist faith.  He is survived by his wife, Linda Cooper; four sons, Barry Cooper of Murray, Michael Cooper of Illinois, Joe Cooper of Benton and Gary Cooper of Paris, Tenn.; one daughter, Dana Cooper of Florida; one brother, Joe Jackson of Paris; two sisters, Lorene Rogers of Paris and Ruby Farmer; and six grandchildren.  He was preceded in death by his mother, Blanch Cooper Stockdale; and several brothers and sisters.  Services will be at 1 p.m. Tuesday at Imes-Miller Funeral Home with Johnny Arnold officiating.  Burial will be in Sinking Springs Cemetery.  Friends may call after 10 a.m. Tuesday at the funeral home.

Brandie Rose Gonczy (DOB: 3/23/82; DOD 10/15/11)

Funeral service for Brandie Rose Gonczy, age 29, of Weirsdale, who died October 15, 2011, at her residence, will be 2:00 p.m., Thursday, October 20, 2011 at Settle-Wilder’s New Smyrna Beach Chapel with Pastor Daniel Cox, Indian River Baptist Church, Edgewater, officiating. Burial will follow at Sea Pines Memorial Gardens, Edgewater. Calling hours will be 12:00 p.m. until service time. Born in Eustis, Brandie graduated from Eustis High School, and worked as a Certified Nurse Assistant in the home healthcare industry. As a caregiver, she lived in Edgewater and helped to take care of her grandfather, William, before his death. A wonderful and devoted mother, Brandie also enjoyed spending time with her cousins and she loved to fish. Survivors include her daughter, Triana Rose Gonczy; mother, Beatrice Mae Shawhan of Weirsdale; grandmother, Beatrice Rose Shawhan of Edgewater; her aunt, Debby Shawhan of Pearland, Texas; 2 uncles, Bill Shawhan and his wife, Maria of London, Ontario, Canada and Don Shawhan and his wife, Nancy of West Milford, West Virginia; and several cousins. She was preceded in death by her grandfather and her Aunt Vicki. Memorial donations may be made in Brandie’s memory to Halifax Health Hospice of Volusia/Flagler, Edgewater Care Center, 4140 S. Ridgewood Ave., Edgewater, FL 32141. Condolences may be made online at http://www.settlewilderfuneralhome.com.

Crime Scene

Another mystery to me is the blood pattern on the back of the couch.  If Richard were sleeping as Roderrick claims when the attack occurred (will provide confirmation), then wouldn’t the blood pool down the front of the couch as opposed to up the back of it?  I feel stupid for asking.  Do I watch too much TV?

Here is the same scene of Richard’s body shot with a wide angle, and if you look on the far right bottom corner, there appears to be a pool of blood.  So was Richard on the floor at some point during the incident?  We know Rod moved Richard while he was looking for money and the keys to the Ford Explorer.  Let us not forget the time it took to make the pattern of burns/bruises on Richard’s chest, and then Rod covers up his handiwork?  Why was it so necessary to stage Richard as if he were sleeping?  Usually there are only two reasons for a perpetrator to stage the scene: to protect the victim or to obstruct the investigation.  Combined with the dresser drawers and bedroom in disarray, it is obvious they wanted the investigators to think the Wendorf’s had been the victims of a random home invasion.  That might have worked for a day, but it took Jennifer Wendorf about ten minutes to throw her sister Heather under the bus after investigators arrived on scene.

Crime Scene

Crime Scene Diagram #1     Crime Scene Diagram #2

Naomi_Crime Scene #1     Naomi_Crime Scene #2

Naomi_Crime Scene #3     Naomi_Crime Scene #4

Naomi_Crime Scene #5     Naomi_Crime Scene #6

Naomi_Crime Scene #7

Naomi’s Autopsy

Official Autopsy Report – Naomi Wendorf Autopsy Report

Naomi_Autopsy #1     Naomi_Autopsy #2

Naomi_Autopsy #3     Naomi_Autopsy #4

Naomi_Autopsy #5   Naomi_Autopsy #6   Naomi_Autopsy #7

Naomi_Autopsy #8     Naomi_Autopsy #9

Naomi_Autopsy #10

Richard’s Autopsy

Official Autopsy Report – Richard Wendorf Autopsy Report

Richard_Autopsy #1     Richard_Autopsy #2

Richard_Autopsy #3

Timeline of Events

    • November 26, 1996
      • Rod calls his grandfather Harrell.
    • November 27, 1996
      • Charity calls her grandmother in Wyoming and her mother in South Dakota.
    • November 28, 1996
      • Rod calls his grandfather Harrell.  Charity calls her mother in South Dakota.
    • November 29, 1996
      • Charity calls her mother in South Dakota.  Rod calls his grandfather Harrell in the AM “…and claimed he had been in an accident east of Murray.”  (Orlando Sentinel 12/5/96).
      • Group arrested approximately 2230 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Murray-Calloway County Animal Shelter

November 27, 1996: As the search continued for the fugitives from justice, newspapers around the country happily provided the background information of the five teenagers with a predilection for fresh blood.  The public was eager for a swift and safe response to the Wendorf Murders; they wanted these renegade members of “The Vampire Clan” that hailed from Kentucky taken off the streets.  There was no telling what this group could do.  They had already bludgeoned the Wendorf’s to death and possibly abducted their 15-yr-old daughter Heather; they believed they were vampires and one wanted to open the gates of hell; and then an ongoing investigation surfaces involving Rod Ferrell and Howard Scott Anderson and the mutilation and death of two Labrador retriever puppies in Murray, KY.  An article published today in The Orlando Sentinel reported that “while in Murray, KY.,…Ferrell met Howard Scott Anderson, 16…” and that “last month, authorities in Murray charged the pair with cruelty to animals, criminal attempt to commit burglary and criminal trespass after more than 40 dogs were beaten and abused at the Murray-Calloway County Animal Shelter.”

The affiant, Dennis McDaniel, CCSO, says that on October 13 or 14th 1996 in Calloway County, Kentucky the above named juvenile: unlawfully committed the offense of Cruelty Animals 2nd, Crim attempt to Burglary 3rd. Affiant’s grounds of belief are “On or about October 14, 1996, above JV, Rod Ferrell, wantonly engaged in a conduct of cruelty to several animals by mistreating and killing the animals at the Animal Shelter in Calloway Co. This occurred at Sycamore Extended. This officer obtained an affidavit by April Doeden stating that Rod Ferrell admitted his involvement in the mutilation and mistreatment at the Animal Shelter. See attached affidavit. Above JV, attempted to enter the shelter by taking out a screen window and raising the window. This shelter premises is enclosed by fencing, locked gates and posted signs.”  Co-defendent:  Frankie Brittain

COMES THE AFFIANT AFTER FIRST BEING DULY SWORN STATES THE FOLLOWING: “My name is April Doeden, I live at __________ Murray, Calloway Co. Ky. My phone number is __________. On Wednesday October 30, 1996, I went over to Rod Farrell’s house. We were talking, and he told me that he really did a number down at the Humane Society. “Remember what I did to the cat?” he said. I did alot (sp) worse out there (meaning humane society). Rod said he had friends with him, but he did not tell me who. Rod did not tell me exactly what he did to the animals at the Humane Society. Rod said that he and his knife had fun.” SCRIBED AND SWORN TO BEFORE ME BY April Doeden this 1st DAY of November 1996.


“…authorities learned of Rod Ferrell’s alleged involvement through their Crime Stoppers telephone line.  Matt Goodman placed the call, claiming that Rod and his friend Frankie Brittin committed the act.”  (The Embrace, 113)


When Roderrick Ferrell arrived at the Calloway County Sheriff’s Office to discuss his possible involvement in the break-in, “…he showed up…sporting white face makeup, red lips, and an attitude.  He was trying to freak us out.” – Calloway County Sheriff Stan Scott (Orlando Sentinel 11/23/97)


“We’d been told about all kinds of weird stuff going on in that apartment.  We’d also been told that Rod and some of his friends would go in the woods behind the apartment and from what some of those kids were telling us, that was where a lot of the mutilations of dogs and cats took place.  Some of the kids told us that Ferrell liked to kill cats, that he’d swing them around and break their necks.  We even had reports that apparently Rod had buried animals in the ground after he had kicked their heads off.  Something about he would take a dog and bury it in the ground and leave it’s head sticking up, or bury it alive.”  – Calloway County Sheriff Stan Scott( The Embrace, 111-112).

Evidence Recovered

“Divers from the Baton Rouge Police Department found a short-barrelled shotgun investigators think the teens stole from a house on their way from the Wendorf’s home home to Louisiana.  Howard Scott Anderson led them to the Mississippi River bridge on Interstate 10 where they found the gun underneath an old abandoned dock.” (Orlando Sentinel 12/1/96)

LeClaire Map

This is the map to the Wendorf home that Jeanine LeClaire provided to Rod.  Amongst all the bulls**t one reads in this case, the justification behind this map takes the cake.  In The Embrace, by Aphrodite Jones, one has to assume that in between all her artistic liberties that there are actual facts in the book.  Under that assumption, I go to page 178 to find one of Jeanine’s excuses for drawing the map.  “Jeanine was so desperate to see him (Rod), she had even drawn Rod a map of the Wendorf house, explaining it would be easier for him to retrieve her from there, because the Wendorf’s never locked their doors.”  Okay…don’t really get that.  Rod knows where Jeanine lives, but supposedly doesn’t know where Heather does, so instead of picking me up at my house, let me draw you an in depth blueprint of my best friend’s house, because her parents don’t lock the door.  Yeah, whatever.

Ford Explorer

  • Ruth’s Pearl Necklace
  • Hunting knife w/black handle
  • Teddy bear (x2)
  • 2 1/2″ long stick covered with black electrical tape
  • Blood on all 4 door panels (whose blood?)
  • Blood on rear seat (whose blood?)
  • Blood on center console (whose blood?)
  • Walt Disney’s The Lion King
  • Walt Disney’s Aladdin
  • The Ultimate Dracula
  • Necronomicon
  • Queen of the Damned


In 1996, FBI officials reported an increase in vampire incidents and were currently investigating six killings possibly associated with vampirism.  (Independent 12/5/96)

Types of vampires:

  • Tantric Vampires: (AKA Sex Vampires) – females referred to as succubus, males as incubus.  They feed on the life-force energy generated from sexual/intimate encounters.
  • Sanguinarian Vampires (AKA Sans Vampires) – feed on the energy contained in blood.  From the Latin word sanguinarius (adj.) meaning of blood’ blood thirsty; savage.
  • Psychic Vampires (AKA Psi Vampires) – feed on the energy from one’s aura or prana from the Sanskrit word for “vital life.”


Vampire:  The Masquerade

RPG introduced in 1991 by White Wolf Publishing.

Became so popular in the mid ’90’s that FOX Network and Spelling Entertainment were inspired to produce a TV series, Kindred: The Embraced, based on the RPG.

Due to the negative press, White Wolf changed the format of Vampire: The Masquerade in January 1997, making it unavailable to those under 18.

January 1997 – 26-year-old Jon Bush sentenced to 26 years in prison for sexually molesting eight teenage girls.  The Virginia Beach, VA man used Vampire: The Masquerade as a ruse to lure the girls.

“The game prohibits violence, but its rules nevertheless state that if there is a challenge to the prince, ‘the contenders must battle one another until sovereignty is determined.  This warfare is not as simple as a duel, or even any sort of direct combat.  It is, like all conflicts between vampires, a part of the great Jyhad (vampire warfare) in that it is a progression of games and maneuvers, tricks and threats, violence and bloodshed.”  (Orlando Sentinel 12/21/96)


Types of Murderers:

Being a true crime fan, I believe I know the difference between spree killer, mass murderer, and serial killer, but just in case, I went to the FBI website and downloaded the 2005 report on Serial Murder for confirmation.

  • Spree Murder – “…two or more murders committed by an offender or offenders, without a cooling-off period.”
  • Mass Murder – “… a number of murders (four or more) occurring during the same incident, with no distinctive time period between the murders.”
  • Serial Killer – “…the unlawful killing of two or more victims by the same offender(s), in separate events.”


Fringe Characters

Jaden Steven MurphyJaden Murphy

“…initiated Rod into vampirism during a crossing-over ceremony in a Murray (Kentucky) cemetery that involved slashing their arms and sharing each other’s blood, followed by a lengthy period of meditation.  As the senior vampire who initiated Rod, Murphy said he became the younger boy’s sire and was responsible for his behavior.  And although he explained the rules of vampire conduct to Rod, the witness said, his protégé violated those principles when he organized his own band of followers…The Wendorf Murders were not vampiric, Murphy explained, because Rod didn’t bleed the bodies.  ‘There was no bloodletting.  He did not take from them’.”  (Perlmutter)


“Bloodletting can be a sexual act, vampires are very sensual.  The embrace, whether it be male on male, female on female, is sexual.  It’s the taking of one’s fluid into your body, the joining of souls and spirits that have walked the earth for thousands of years.” – Jaden Murphy (The Embrace)


Heather Ann Wendorf (AKA:  Xoey Hawk, Heather Wendorf-Kelly)


Little Ms. Heather wrote letters to anyone with a swinging dick begging to be delivered from ‘hell’, and I’ll get to those later, but I want to post one of my favorite excerpts from a letter that she apparently wrote to Scott Anderson.

“The thing is, I am a gullible and naive girl.  I admit that in full and with that, I can be easily taken advantage of.  The good side is my loyalty can be quite strong when given proper reason.  I hope you understand what I’m saying.  Being naive and being innocent is a beautiful thing.  It gives my eyes a different perspective of my world.  When things happen to break my innocence and relinquish my naive self, my worries increase.  Please consider that to me, being naive isn’t just a part of my characteristics but more of a defense.”

Do you think she was naïve?  WTF Heather?  We are not the fucking stupid.  I mean really.  Literally 5 sentences later she starts discussing a “…wonderful dream” involving the killing of another human being and how excited it makes her.

Joe Barrett (15), a classmate of Heather’s, revealed that Heather “…was a real sweet girl but deep down you could tell she had emotional problems” and “…when she started hanging around with Ferrell she changed.  She started dyeing her hair purple or red and she wore all these long black clothes.  She went around telling her friends she had ‘crossed over’ and become a vampire.”  (Independent 12/5/96)

Heather told Jeremy Hueber that “…you could have the best sex only after a blood drink.”  (Independent 12/5/96)

Affidavit (Lake County Sheriff’s Office Detective/Investigator Ron Patton):  “I’n the days leading to her parent’s murder, Heather Wendorf asked her sister, Jennifer, 17, if she had ever planned to kill their parents.  Then she told Jennifer ‘that she decided that Rod Ferrell would be a person to ask if you want someone killed.'”  (Orlando Sentinel 12/5/96)

“Ferrell claimed during his murder trial…that he asked Heather whether it was OK to kill her parents.  ‘You spoke so much about killing your parents.  You still want me to?’  She said yes, he testified.”  (Orlando Sentinel 4/25/98)

“…Heather had stayed with an aunt, also in Port Orange, but the aunt finally kicked her out for violating house rules, including slipping out night and having her boyfriend over when her aunt was working at night.”  (Orlando Sentinel 11/20/97).

“Though Heather was offered all kinds of money…she turned everything down.”  (The Embrace, 417).  FALSE – she was offered and accepted $1,000.00 for her cooperation with Aprhodite Jones for the true-crime novel The Embrace.

Those familiar with the case, know of Heather’s involvement, or alleged lack thereof.  I was able to track down her MySpace page (94% sure) and as you can see, nothing much has changed over the past 15 years.  Just a few of her noteworthy interests: anarchy, civil disobedience, vampires and what seems like every fringe religion/cult known to man.  Also take note that one of her occupations is popess.  Nothing this woman could ever say or do would surprise me.  http://www.myspace.com/xoeyhawk


James Joseph Yohe

“In 1995, James Yohe, a self-styled ‘drama enthusiast at Murray State University, formed a group called VAMPS (Victorian Age Masquerade Performance Society).  Yohe, whose brother David is a gamer in Murfreesboro, wanted to use the Masquerade’s loose story lines to hone his acting skills.  For a brief time, VAMPS’ membership included a frail 16-year-old named Rod Ferrell.”  (Tales From the Dark Side)


There are several different opinions/theories as to how Roderrick Ferrell came up with his vampire name Vassago.

  • “He took the name of Vesago, a character in a popular vampire novel by New Orleans writer Anne Rice.”  (Orlando Sentinel 12/3/96).
  • “When playing The Masquerade, Ferrell turned into ‘Vissago’, a vampire character he invented using a name from the short-lived Fox series Kindred: The Embraced.”  (Tales From The Dark Side).
  • “And he came up with his vampire name, ‘Vesago’, from a satan-worshiping, serial-killing teen in the 1995 movie Hideaway.”  (Orlando Sentinel 3/22/08).

The earliest reference I could find to Vassago was in The Key of Solomon.  “The Third spirit is a mighty prince, being of the same Nature as Agares, he is called Vassago.  This spirit is of a good nature and his office is to declare things past and to come; and to discover all things hidden or lost and he governeth 26 Legions of spirits.  This is his seal…”

     Since I cannot find any confirmation that there was a character of that name in any of Anne Rice’s books or on the Fox TV series, I believe that Rod took the name from Hideaway, especially since Heather seems to have taken her moniker from the same filmThroughout all of his interviews he likes to give the impression that he is an intelligent creature not of this earth, so if he had known of The Key of Solomon he most assuredly would have tried to impress the world with his wealth of knowledge.  Since he didn’t, I am going with the assumption that Roderrick and Heather used all their creativity and intellect in choosing their vampire names from the film Hideaway.

The Perpetrators

Howard Scott Anderson

DOB: 12/18/79 (Travis, TX)

DC# 124489

“When he arrived at the Lake County Jail, Anderson was somewhat of a celebrity.  Prisoners gathered at his cell door to talk with him.  Lately, however, Anderson’s charm has worn thin.  A fellow prisoner grew irritated with the teen’s claims to be a master of black magic and voodoo.   …now…fellow prisoners wait until he falls asleep, then douse him with cold water through the bars.”  (Orlando Sentinel 01/04/97)



Dana Lynn Cooper

DOB:  4/8/77

“…a quiet girl who sat in a corner.” – Jason Jones



Roderrick Justin Ferrell

DOB:  3/28/80 (Murray, KY)

AKA:  Rod Ferrell, Justin Gibson

DC# 124473

New River West Correctional Institution

7819 N.W. 228th Street

Raiford, FL 32026

“Ferrell told Circuit Judge T. Michael Johnson that pleading guilty was a mistake, and that he had been misled by the assistant public defenders who represented him.  Among his claims was that he was not aware of a ‘voluntary intoxication’ defense that might have resulted in a lesser sentence.  But the judge noted that Ferrell’s former attorney Candace Hawthorne, produced notes including a document called ‘Theory of Defense’ that read: ‘Defendant’s mental illness coupled with lack of sleep and drug induced state created the environment for this second degree killing.’  Hawthorne and Assistant Public Defender Bill Lackey pulled hair samples from Ferrell’s head to be tested for traces of drugs.  The tests were negative.”  (Ocala Star Banner 9/24/03).

This makes absolutely no sense to me, because from what I have learned:

  • Standard Hair Drug Test covers cocaine, marijuana, opiates (codeine, morphine, & 6-monoacteyl morphine), methamphetamine (meth & ecstasy), and phencyclidine (PCP).  A standard test covers 90 days.
  • LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) metabolizes quickly and is virtually untraceable in a few days.  Can only be detected via urine test, which is not standard operating procedure.
  • Hair testing for alcohol was not available until 2008.
  • Urine testing for alcohol has a detection window of 1-5 days.
  • Bleach, hair-dye, and perms cannot affect outcome of hair test, but if the person shaves their head or has less than 1/2” of hair the outcome could be affected.

‘Voluntary intoxication’ defense abolished in Florida in 1999.  Available only for offenses occurring before October 1, 1999.  (See Section 775.051, Florida Statues) – Where a certain mental state is an essential element of a crime, and a person was so intoxicated that he/she was incapable of forming that mental state, the mental state would not exist and therefore the crime could not be committed.



Charity Lynn Keesee

DOB:  9/12/80

DC# U05903; Release Date: 3/23/06

AKA:  Charity L. Jones, Sarah Remington, Shea

“She was a good child until this.  I told her to get out of the sect.  She said, ‘They won’t let me.  They’ll kill me.’  I believe the devil has my daughter’s soul.  I can’t explain her behavior any other way.” – David Keesee (Father)

Since her release from prison, Charity moved back to Murray, KY where she has two children, volunteers her time assisting recently released criminals reintegrate into society and was studing to be a paralegal.